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Who we are

Burundi Denmark Konsulting consists of 2 persons as the core group.

Brice, and John Jorgensen.

In Denmark:

Brice is our ”Man in the middle”, and the one who knows both Burundi and Denmark. Brice moved to Denmark at the age of 16, now 15 years ago. He grew up in Bujumbura, but also have a genuine knowledge about Denmark and the danish language, culture and system.
He is educated as a social worker in Denmark, working with elderly and disabled people within the danish health system.

Brice is travelling between Denmark and Burundi, doing contract work in Denmark and then returning to Burundi twice a year to researh for business opportunities, both in Bujumbura and other regions in Burundi. His main focus is on agricultural products and tourisme, but he is allways on the lookout for new ventures.

Brice speaks Danish, Kirundi, French, English and Swahili.

In Denmark:
John Jorgensen.

John is our ”Man on the ground” in Denmark, and he is our ”Man on the internet”. He is also The Old Guy, who never got himself an education, but has a lot of life experience. John has been doing all sorts of work over time, he has spent several years at sea as a seaman and a ships cook, and visited around 45 different countries around the world. He has a background in Industrial Design and has worked for companies like: Jacob Jensen Design, Denmark and Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden.

John was married to a Burundian wife for 10 years, and have 3 children who grew up in Burundi, 2 children born in Denmark. He started a website about Burundi some 11 years ago, and have been researching on Burundi and the countrys development for over a decade now.

John has been active in local politics for nearly 20 years, and has held several organizational positions within the Social Democratic Party in Denmark, often focusing on international politics, good governance and development. He has a thorough knowledge about the danish system.

John is the guy who likes to dig into websites and do our research on the internet, finding new websites and reading about what happens all over Africa, he is also the guy who sets up and maintain our website. He is the creative force of the group, and the one who can spot connections between projects and ideas. He is an eventmaker, and have arranged several concerts and art exibitions over time.

John works 72 hours shift, as a personal aid for a disabled person, and have a lot of free time to do research. He is responsible for our website, the overall strategy for our company, and he is actively seeking contact with companies and universities in Denmark in order to promote the Burundi Denmark connection.

John speaks Danish, English, French and are capable of communicating in Swedish and Norwegian too.

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