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What we do

Basically, what we do is that we research, look for opportunities and create contacts.

We spend a lot of time doing research on the internet and finding companies and organisations that can be of interest in Burundi and the surrounding countries, on the background, that the most common way of communicating today, is via the internet and that the most efficient way to create a solid contact between companies are on the background of their identity on the internet.

However, it is easy to create a website and look like a million dollars on the internet, so we allways like to follow up on the companies we find and create a personal connection with them to ensure that they are actually capable of what they write on their website, and to get a better knowledge about their products and services.
We recieve newsletters from a wide range of organisations and work to combine the knowledge we get, in order to see new options in the region.

We are aware that there can be several options worth looking at in the region, which are not visible on the internet, and that´s why we have our ”man on the ground” who read the local papers, listen to the news and the talk of the town, just as he is a very important ressource for us when it comes to creating personal contacts in Burundi.

In Denmark, we also do research on which companies that offers products and services that could be of interest to Burundi. We look for companies that are ready to start import from East Afica, and are ready to invest in new markets, and we offer our service in mapping out the opportunities.

On the Burundi and Denmark pages you will find links that we find usefull to start a copperation between our two countries.

Then we offer our assistance to find a way through the jungle of informations, pinpoint your needs and help to create the right contacts.

Please contact us for a debate on how we can assist you, and what your needs are. The initial contact will allways be free of charge.

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