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Welcome to Burundi Denmark Konsulting

The mission of this website, is to create a bilateral source of information about, and between, the two nations.

We focus on providing reliable and up to date informations about Burundi and Denmark, aimed at investors and business people in both countries.

Our vision is that we will establish good and long lasting relations between companies in both countries, and thereby support the creation of jobs in Burundi as well as Denmark.

Our background for starting this company, is that we have a thorough knowledge about both countries, as well as a deep desire to support development in both places. We belive that the best way to do that, is to support the creation of jobs in the private sector and at the same time, support the knowledge and implementation of good governance, advise on green technology and respect labour rights, gender rights and human rights.

Why do we want to put our work and time in establishing this contact between Africa and Scandinavia ?

Because we belive that both parts can benefit from a good cooperation.
Burundi still face many issues to be concured in order to develop the country, and create a secure, wealthy and healthy nation.
But the will and desire to develop is present in the society, the big issue is to create income generating activities for the nation, as well as for the civil population, and to ensure that the infra structure, the public administration and the political system is continiously getting better.

No matter how much the will to develop is present, it is not a task that Burundi can lift without support from donors as well as investors.

Denmark is a very developed country, it is about the same size as Burundi, but apart from that, there are not many similarities.
Denmark is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it is known to have the highest taxes in the world, to have zero corruption and one of the happiest populations in the world. It is a nation where democracy, equality and human rights are implemented in almost every part of the society.
The infra structure and the public administration is very efficient and services in Denmark is of a very high standard. This makes it very efficient and secure to do business in Denmark, generally speaking.

However, Denmark is also facing challenges as the world is changing. Unskilled jobs are eliminated, or carried out by foreign labour at a lower cost. Industri is moving to places like China and India, where costs are lower, and there is a higher demand for a well educated labour force in Denmark. Danish companies are very good at developing green tecnology, windpower, water cleaning technology, medicine, IT systems and logistic solutions.
Agriculture is very modern and efficient, and the agricultural export from Denmark accounts for a big part of the GNP.
But there is a need for new markets to export the know-how, the technology and the food to, if Denmark wants to ensure jobs for its population in the future.

Thats why we belive that our two countries is a good match for doing business, as long as we can ensure that it is easy to access information about the markets.

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