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If you are interested in doing business in Denmark, everything is accessible at the internet, sort of speak. Every Danish company have a website, and every public institution have a website.
That can be quite overwealming, if you dont know precisely what you are looking for, and again, that is why we offer our assistance to narrow down your inquiries.

The best place to start if you are looking to register a company in Denmark, will be:
The Danish Business Authority where you will find an efficient guide to walk you through the steps of setting up a company in Denmark.

The Danish Ministy of Foreign Affairs have a website called: Invest in Denmark that offers a lot of background knowledge about the potentials of working in Denmark. The Ministry also covers the Trade Council which is the governments export and investment promotion organization. A short appetizer video from the Trade Councils innovation centre can be seen Here.

If you decide that Denmark is attractive as an ivestment or cooperation opportunity, tax is allways on the agenda, and you can visit the Danish Tax authority on their website.

You can browse the websites of The Confederation of Danish Industry, and the Danish Export Assosiation for more informations about Danish export companies.

With the multitude of Danish companies that can be of interest to Burundi, we recommend that you contact us for any inquiries you might have, and we will guide you in the right direction.

Keeping in mind, how important the agricultural sector is in Burundi and how large the need is for tractors, we canĀ“t help linking to 2 short videos from a company, only a few minutes drive from our main office in Denmark.
Please enjoy a short visit at Sjoerup Tractors.

Introduction video
Second hand spareparts

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