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If you are interested in doing business in Burundi, we provide you with this list of usefull links to some of the main websites that will give you a good foundation of knowledge about the possibilities in the region.

We encourage you to take some time to go through these websites, and then contact us for a more specified research.
We know from experience, that having to go through hundreds of websites is very time consuming, and you tend to get an overload of useless information before you get to the core of your research. That´s why we offer our assitance to pinpoint your needs, and only list some of the most informtive sites here. These websites also have links to several other websites that you can browse through.

The first site to look at will be the API ,The Agency for Promotion of Investments in Burundi.
This is the agency where you will get a company registered, and where they will help you in the first approach to the Burundian market. They will supply you with all neccesary forms and fees in order to set up a business relationship or a company in Burundi.

The aspect of taxing in Burundi can be studied at: OBR The Burundian tax office.

If you are interested in Burundi on the background of trade, we suggest the website:
Trademark East Africa
where they deal with a multitude of the questions concerning trade in the East Afican Community.

When trade is in the field of agricultural products, the question of quality and standards immediately arise.
Burundi does have a bureau of standards and quality control
The BBN will be able to assist in questions concerning quality certification.

If your interest in Burundi concerns the tourisme industry, the National Tourisme Office will be able to supply you with informations about hotels, sights, tour operators and other usefull informations if you are travelling to Burundi. However, if you are interested in doing business with, or investing in, this sector, API is the place to start, or contact us directly for guidance on your enquiries.

Agriculture, is by far the largest means of living in Burundi, and the country does have a large variety of products to offer, but face difficulties in organizing a suffient chain of export.
Burundis national website for agriculture ISABU mainly offers information in French, and are not quite up to date. This field offers great potential for both Burundian export and foreign import of machines, dairy equipment, knowhow, etc. and we are very interested in supporting the development of this sector by connecting entrepenours from both sides.

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