Here you will find a collection of inspirational videos, we hope that you will have enough bandwith to watch them.

Kazuri jewellery Kenya

The Kazura Scandinavia is an example of cooperation between Kenyan manufacturer and Scandinavian designeres to create a product from Africa that is targeted for a Scandinavian market.

A cleaner burn

Is an example of engineering test and development at MIT and cooperation with Betty Ikalany in Uganda to produce charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste and enhance the efficiency of household cooking stoves.

The transport corridors

Concerning import / export opportunities, Burundi is placed at the very end of the logistic Northern Corridor for transport, even though this film is from 2011, it still shows some of the huge problems there is for companies who depend on import or export.

The solar sack idea About the devlopment of water purification.