Links BI

Here you will find a variety of usefull links for contacts in Burundi and the East African Union.

Investburundi The official site for investing in Burundi that will give you the basic informations about how to do.

Intercontact services One of the oldest websites for information in Burundi.

Ministry of foreign affairs Burundi

Burundi business incubator A good place to meet new entrepenuers.

University of Burundi

International leadership university Burundi

University Lumiere Bujumbura

Hope Africa University

The East African Community

COMESA Common market for east and southern Africa.

Trademark East Africa

Trade barriers in Africa

NEPAD New partnership for African development.

AATF African agricultural tech foundation.

FEAFFA Federation of East African freight assosiations.

TTCANC Northern corridor transport coordination authority.

TTFA Central corridor transit and transport facillitation agency.

SODETRA Shipping, clearing, warehousing.