To start a business relationship between participants from countries that are as far apart, and as different in comparison as Denmark and Burundi, it is necessary to have “people on the ground” in both countries, who has a good knowledge about infrastructure and opportunities in a broad variety of both business and legislative areas.

On this page you will be able to find links to some of the organisations or governmental institutions that can provide you with assistance in registrering a business, informing about tax, customs regulations, fundings, universities, etc. etc.

And very soon you will find that the more knowledge you get, the more questions you have, and that is where we will be happy to assist you with research, information and networking in either of the two countries, being your person “on the ground” so you will have a personal contact to go through.

In Burundi you will find: Nadeǵe Niyuhire.

Nadeǵe is born and raised in Burundi,she is 32, Nadeǵe has been living in Firenze, Italy, for 3 years while studying business management at the University. She has spent time in France, Belgium and Denmark during her studies, and she is now back in Burundi, doing an internship at Burundi Business Incubator. Nadeǵe have a large network among university students and graduates, churches and NGOś in Burundi. She is planning to go back to Italy and Denmark for a short period in mid 2020.

In Denmark you will find: John Jorgensen.

John is born and raised in Denmark, he is 55, John has been a seaman for several years and have visited 45 countries worldwide and gained a large understanding of different cultures and way of living. He has a background within industrial design and modelmaking, have been an active politician for over 20 years and ran for parlament at the 2019 election in Denmark. John is a projectmaker and entrepenuer, allthough he has never got a formal education, his life has been a long story of eventmaking and project startups. From 2002 till 2012 he was married to a Burundian girl and has gained a big knowledge about Burundi and its surrounding neighbours. John has a large network in Denmark covering a multitude of areas ranging from business to politics, design, development, environment, agriculture and grassroot movements.