Welcome to Burundi.dk

This website is created with the purpose of building a digital brigde between Burundi and Denmark, creating opportunities for entrepeneurs and investors to exchange ideas and knowledge about their respective countries and develop business networks.

Our background for this service is build on a 16 year long interest in, and research about Burundi, the tiny nation at the heart of Africa. Burundi is facing numerous challenges in its efforts to attract business partners and investors to help boosting the country’s development. A landlocked nation that has been through a long lasting civil war, political unrest and ranking low on the UN’s list of least developed countries is not exactly a magnet for direct investments, diplomatically speaking.

However, we do believe that business can be made all over the world, and that challenges is what inspire us to seek solutions in areas where only a few has dared to try before.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.